Paracise with Christine

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New groups starting in 2018!
Watch out for these new groups starting at the Barn: Steady and Strong (gentle exercise class for older people), Pilates, Childrens Dance, Ukulele classes, Ukulele Jam.
Paracise with Christine

Event Day: Thursdays

Start Time: 11:30 am

Finish Time: 12:15 pm

Event Location: Main Hall

Organiser's Details

Name: Christine Kennard

Telephone: 07909 915159

Paracise™ delivers a “feel good factor” that ensures you want to do it again & again & again!

Working at your own pace we encourage you to appreciate what your body CAN do and how small changes can make big improvements to your day to day life.

Gentle on the joints yet stimulating to muscle memory this workout is for those of us who need  exercise delivered at an intensity and speed we can safely achieve our goals.

Paracise™ can dramatically improve your mental and physical well being, what are you waiting for? see you at a class soon!

Starts 3rd May 2018